Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why is Peter Stautberg lying about Tom Brinkman's voting record?

Because if he told the truth, he would lose   

Voters throughout the new 27th Ohio District have been getting mailers, and hearing radio and television commercials claiming that COAST founder, "Tax Killer" Tom Brinkman somehow voted against a tax cut.  Based upon these supposedly high-taxing credentials, Republicans are asked to vote against the "most principled" legislator during his time in Columbus. 
The reality is that vote, H.B 66 in 2005, was a massive tax increase that happened to contain some political cover for those voting in favor in the form of a small tax cut.  The net effect of the bill was a huge tax increase and therefore Brinkman voted "no," as he did on votes on a lot of legislation during the Bob Taft era.  COAST supports Brinkman's vote on this bill and applauds him standing up to the tax-and-spend Bob Taft agenda while in Columbus. 
And that gets to the second lie of Peter Stautberg.  He claims that Tom Brinkman was a liberal because he voted some 600 times with "House Democrats."  Again, during his term in the House, Tom was opposed to much of the nonsense under Bob Taft, Speaker Householder, and Senate President Finan.  Tax increases, spending boondoggles (including billions to bring the Olympics to Cincinnati), a new Commercial Activity Tax, a convention center tax increase, spending for Paul Brown Stadium, and on and on and on.  Brinkman opposed them all.  Many democrats also opposed these initiatives, although their opposition was not principled, just contrary to the Republicans in power.  Again, Brinkman did the right thing with every one of these votes.  Every single one. 
So, please do not be misled by Peter Stautberg's lies this primary election season.  Brinkman is the most solid anti-tax candidate in the race. 
Vote Republican and vote Brinkman on Tuesday.    

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  1. Actually most of those "600 votes" are going to be for a totally common, boring reason. A large number of legislative votes are either procedure or non-controversial and pass unanimously. Everyone has "voted with the Democrats" numerous times.

    This manufactured issue shows the dishonesty of Peter Stautberg and his inability to cite any meaningful accomplishments of his own. Stautberg is a waste of space who fails to keep in touch with his own constituents. Lying about Brinkman doesn't change any of that.

  2. Peter Stautberg is being pushed by the same people that gave you Bob Taft. Buck the establishment. See through the lies from the GOP elites and vote for a TRUE conservative - Tom Brinkman!

  3. Why doesn't Brinkman file an election complaint if these are lies? Maybe if Tom Brinkman had considered that his voting record would someday be examined and put on display, he would have more thoughtfully and more carefully made decisions and not have taken the easy way out and vote no.

    And I just got a call from Governor Kasich saying that I should support Peter. Kasich ain't no Taft.


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