Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update from Daily Kos on two Campaign for Primary Accountability targeted races in AL

The group that helped us take out Jean Schmidt, the Campaign for Primary Accountability (thanks, guys!), has targeted lawmakers Jo Bonner in Alabama's 1st Congressional District and Spencer Bachus in Alabama's 6th Congressional District, both scoundrels deeply needing to be forcibly retired.

The Daily Kos has a decent roundup of these two races here

As you might expect, taking on incumbents in a primary election is a long shot.  Taking them on when they have fair warning (the stunning and lop-sided Schmidt defeat was fair warning) makes it even tougher.

The Jo Bonner defeat is especially important to COAST (we know, we are dreamers) because this is the dirtball that led the House Ethics Committee to whitewash the multiple felonies of Jean Schmidt and is doing similarly in other House Ethics inquiries.  This guy sees it as his job to whitewash even the worst misdeeds of members of Congress.

So, keep an eye on AL-1 and AL-6 on Tuesday.  An, regardless of the outcome, COAST's thanks go to Campaign for Primary Accountability and the opponents of these two Congressmen for undertaking the good fight.

Bonner and Bachus need to be fearful of the voters, and hopefully removed by the voters.  It's the only thing that ever gets their attention.

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