Monday, March 5, 2012

Is tomorrow the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Super Tuesday.  For once, Ohioans actually, sort of, have a say in the Presidential beauty contest, as the race is not 100% sewn up before Buckeye State voters cast their ballots.

But what after tomorrow?  What becomes of the GOP and the fall Presidential contest? Despite rising gas prices and sky-high unemployment numbers, President Obama's polling appears to be slightly improving.

COASTers in the arena report continuing zeal to rid the White House of Barack Obama, and to take back the Senate.  We hear less enthusiasm for Speaker Boehner's leadership of the House, and hopes that Eric Cantor or someone else would take the reins there.

But will the energy of the Tea Party that catapulted dozens of new lawmakers into D.C in 2010 continue until November of 2012?  Time will tell.  We sense the energy and enthusiasm at the grass roots, but continuing skepticism about the resolve of the leadership in the Washington to do the right thing (finally!).

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