Friday, March 16, 2012

National political analyst Charlie Cook sizes up the Schmidt defeat

Here is a good, humorous, if not detailed, explanation of why Jean Schmidt lost from respected political analyst Charlie Cook: "Run Scared: More House Republicans could lose in the primaries than in the general election."

COAST wants incumbents to be fearful, always, of holding their jobs.  Fearful incumbents listen to voters, not entrenched special interests.

Here is the funniest line of the article:
For one thing, Schmidt has chronically underperformed in GOP primaries. And, in a related factor, she was apparently behind the door when God handed out the charm and gregariousness that most elected officials possess. Schmidt is an acquired taste that many in her district and on Capitol Hill never managed to acquire.
Read it and enjoy!

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  1. But Mean Jean Schmidt was present the day brooms were handed out.


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