Thursday, March 8, 2012

Schmidt friend Willie Cunningham discusses Schmidt defeat -- Blame it on Boehner!

Yesterday, Willie Cunningham on 700 WLW discussed the defeat of his good friend Jeannie Schmidt.  Listen here starting at about 22:04.

He says that John Boehner instructed her not to spend her campaign money, and that's why she lost.  (It'd be just like Schmidt to blame someone else for her mistakes, so we doubt this.)

If you think about it, though, assuming it is true, your campaign money, like your vote, should be the one thing that you control.  Yet, Schmidt claims she gave a proxy for both to John Boehner.  Does anyone join us see the irony in all of that?

Schmidt lived by the instruction of John Boehner, and she died by that instruction as well.


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