Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mother Jones has profile piece on Campaign for Primary Accountability

Read it here: This Texas "Anarchist" GOPer Is Taking Out Incumbents

It's a fair read from a far-left publication.

What makes the group unique—and what baffles incumbents who find themselves in the crosshairs—is that there's no discernible partisan motive behind CFPA's interventions.

Incumbents obviously do not appreciate the revulsion in the heartland at the stench they have created in D.C. It makes absolutely perfect sense to COASTers.

Which is what makes the idea of contested primaries so appealing. Linbeck believes that, through gerrymandering and uncontested incumbency, communities have lost their ability to choose representatives that actually represent them. Rattling off statistics on congressional approval (17 percent) and the incumbency rate (around 90 percent), Linbeck frames his mission as restoring an extra level of oversight to the people's house. Viewed in that light, his super-PAC is more a privately funded public financing venture than a conventional effort to promote conservative values.

Mother Jones has done as good a job as any publication trying to explain the unique, but entirely un-mysterious, motivation behind Campaign for Primary Accountability.  They are the "wake up call" that America desperately needs.

The Republican-Democrat paradigm, as have other traditional divisors of the electorate (black-white, pro and anti-abortion, blue-collar v. white-collar etc.) have been excuses of politicians to engage in outrageously bad behavior (debt limit, ethics scandals, crony-capitalism, etc.).  They claim because we are "fighting Barack Obama" or "opposing the Pelosi agenda," or because we are "pro-life," to we can sell out our constituencies on everything else, and yet survive a tough primary.

Leo Linbeck and Campaign for Primary Accountability is saying that these games are not going to fly any more, and politicians, even in highly partisan districts, are going to have to answer to their voters on core economic and fiscal issues.

That is exactly the same ground that the www.WeDemandAVote.Com coalition plowed five years ago, confounding the same politicians, journalists and political pundits, only locally: How can these diverse people and groups work together?

We can because we know we have a common enemy: An entrenched power structure that daily takes advantage of the poor, the powerless, the voiceless, the working schlep who pays the taxes and follows the rules.

And if we have anything to say about it, it's "Game Over."  

Do ya get it yet, media, politicians, and pundits???

Don't worry, we intend to keep telling you.  At the ballot box.

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