Monday, March 5, 2012

"Votes for Ice Cream" organizers resurected!

In October 2010, COAST burst onto the national scene with the Votes for Ice Cream Scandal, in which our beloved Tom Brinkman and Steve Johnson "busted" CPS personnel for indoctrinating school kids to vote democrat.  It was a glorious time for COAST and its cause.

Well, two key players emerged in the media recently, and we thought you ought to know:

  • Pamula Thomas (that is not misspelled), then-wife of democrat Council member Cecil Thomas is a CPS employee.  COAST uncovered evidence that it was her job to assure that students, faculty and personnel, and parents were all registered to vote, and encouraged to vote. This is a key part of the patronage political system that operates inside CPS.  Pamula is the endorsed Democrat candidate for Clerk of Courts this year.
  •  Gwen Robinson was the key outside organizer of the disgraceful event, and openly identified herself as an organizer with Barak Obama's Organizing for America campaign.  She was the architect of the whole sordid affair.  This week, the Enquirer named the illustrious Ms. Robinson one of its "Women of the Year."  We are touched.
So, these key players in this scheme that corrupted our children continue their involvement in our community.

And CPS continues its role as part of the democrat-labor political machine in Cincinnati and Hamilton County!


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