Monday, March 12, 2012

Jean Schmidt was meeting with Turkish Ambassador on Election Day -- a truly unbelievable turn of events

Politico has the story here.
The decision to stay in the nation’s capital — and particularly to focus on Turkish-American relations — is the best evidence yet that Schmidt simply didn’t get how much trouble she was in back home....
Schmidt spokesman Barrett Brunsman declined to comment directly on why Schmidt met with Tan or whether she regretted attending the luncheon rather than flying back to Cincinnati to spend the last day of the primary on the campaign trail.
In a lengthy email exchange, Brunsman didn’t acknowledge that the meeting even took place.
“I think you have lost your way,” Brunsman wrote.
Our clueless Congressman could not have displayed her out-of-touch and indifferent attitude toward her own ethical problems and the issues facing her constituents than with this latest development.

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