Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Campaign for Primary Accountability bags its second win of 2012

The dethroning of Jean Schmidt on March 6th was a shot heard 'round America, as Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup rolled into the GOP nomination for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District seat.  And that win was greatly aided by the "anarchist PAC from Texas" (as one target called them), the Campaign for Primary Accountability.

Well, CPA has targeted seats all across the country.  We were disappointed last week that they could not nail two races of corrupt (or aiding in corruption) House members, Spence Bachus and Jo Bonner in Alabama.  Both deserved to go.

Tonight, however, COAST is pleased to announce that CPA has bagged another win -- the defeat of Donald A. Manzullo from Rockford IL with freshman lawmaker, and reformer, Adam Kinzinger.  After 99% of the vote is counted, Kinzinger is leading with 55.9% of the vote.

It wasn't even close.  And that's the way it always should be.

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