Monday, March 5, 2012

Breaking news: Streetcar costs Cincinnati FAA funding for Blue Ash Airport

The Streetcar folly is the gift that keeps on costing and costing and costing.

We are not sure if it is the Mallory/Qualls cabal that disappoints us more, or the business community sitting on its hands while Cincinnati burns.  Where is the Chamber in this mess?  The Cincinnati Business Committee?  Hello, is anyone desirous of avoiding running this train of a City into a brick wall?  Hello?  Is anyone home?

This from a COASTer this AM:
Did you happen to see on of the reasons why the FAA is not awarding a grant for Cincinnati to prop up the flailing Blue Ash Airport??? They were going to use some of the money for the trolley.

Blue Ash Airport faces shutdown this year

"...The FAA has balked at giving Cincinnati funding to reconfigure the airport because the city wants to earmark money from its sale of the airport land for non-airport-related uses, possibly including the streetcar project...."

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