Sunday, March 4, 2012

There are 2 reasons Columbus lobbyists have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat Tom Brinkman, Jr.

1) Because Tom Brinkman is not in their back pocket
2) Because Peter Stautberg is   

First, COAST founder and hero, Tom Brinkman, Jr. has thoroughly rebutted the repeated lies about his voting record pushed out there by Peter Stautberg in his desperate bid to hold onto his State House seat in this letter to his constituents.

Please read it and understand Tom's consistent voting record before voting Tuesday.   
  • There is a good reason why they call him "Tax Killer Tom;"  
  • and its the same reason the big-spending lobbyists in Columbus hate him;
  • and it's the reason they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep him from returning to Columbus.  
And that, ladies and gentlemen, precisely is why we need to return Tom to Columbus.

Peter Stautberg and the Columbus lobbyists claim two reasons why Brinkman should not go back to Columbus: (1) because he voted against one bill containing a personal income tax cut and (2) he voted "600 times with the democrats."  

Tom's letter explains the record on both, and they show the depths of deception to which Peter Stautberg and the lobbyists have sunk in this race: 
  • As to the claim that Brinkman voted against a tax cut, that's...ummm...true, but this same bill that contained a modest cut in the personal income tax also contained a permanent sales tax increase, a property tax increase, 177 fee increases and the brand new CAT tax. 
  • As to the "600 votes," almost all were procedural votes on which the entire House voted "yes."  The remainder were tax increases, spending boondoggles (including billions to bring the Olympics to Cincinnati), a convention center tax increase, spending for Paul Brown Stadium, and on and on and on.  Brinkman opposed them all.  Many democrats also opposed these initiatives, although their opposition was not principled, just contrary to the Republicans in power.  Again, Brinkman did the right thing with every one of these votes.  Every single one. 
Please read Tom's entire heartfelt letter setting the record straight on the lies of the well-funded lobbyists in Columbus. 
Please vote Republican and vote Brinkman on Tuesday.    
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