Friday, March 9, 2012

Arrest Warrant Issued for Mahogany's Owner

COAST recently warned Cincinnati City Council not to approve a package of grants and loans totaling almost $1 million to the owners of Mahogany's to open a location downtown. For some reason, we didn't think someone who owes $49,000 in unpaid federal taxes is deserving of a sweetheart deal with your tax dollars.

Now its owner, Elizabeth Rogers, has a warrant out for her arrest. Not surprisingly, it is related to an unpaid $3,000 debt. Cincinnati City Council thinks that someone who doesn't pay their taxes and doesn't pay their debts deserves $1 million of your money to open a private business. Mark Mallory, Milton Dohoney, and the majority of City Council appear unable to make a wise decision on the most basic of issues.

For example, Councilman Yvette Simpson stated, "It’s my understanding that this is income tax she owes, it’s not a lien, and she has decided to pay it over time, which she has the right to do."

Clearly there is a difference between Yvette Simpson and a Councilman capable of intelligent thought. No intelligent person could so callously dismiss the fact that someone doesn't their pay their obligations when handing over $1 million of tax money to that person thinking they will run a successful business.

The Council Members who supported this suspect sweetheart deal are:
- P.G. Sittenfeld
- Charlie Winburn
- Cecil Thomas
- Wendell Young
- Laure Quinlivan
- Yvette Simpson

In light of all the available information, we hope these Councilmen will reconsider their irresponsible decision and rescind all tax dollars for Mahogany's.

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