Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tim Burke, Democrats attack Smitherman for attending COAST Christmas Party

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Ahh, the holiday season, a time for friendship, celebration, and in some cases putting differences aside for a little brotherly love.

Well, not for Hamilton County Democrat Party Chairman Tim Burke and Cincinnati union organizer Rob Richardson, Jr. (Local 265 Labor Union). They yesterday sent out an e-mail blast attacking Cincinnati City Council member and NAACP President Christopher Smitherman for ... (you are not going to believe this) ... 

attending the COAST Christmas Party.   

Read below how Democrat machine operative Rob Richardson, Jr., (whose father just lost an election to Smitherman to head the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP) sent out an e-mail attacking Smitherman for being a "featured guest speaker at our holiday party."  We know Democrat Party Chairman Burke was involved because the COAST holiday link originated with the e-mail to Burke from our Constant Contact distribution system.

These folks are consumed with anger and resentment of Smitherman's leadership so fully that they would attack him for ... socializing with white Republicans!  (You can't make this stuff up!) And their ire is all the more pronounced because their attempt to mobilize the union machine to oust Smitherman as NAACP President last month failed miserably and Smitherman is hammering away daily at the democrat spending plans at City Hall. 

As background, each year COAST hosts a holiday event.  It's not a fundraiser, just a social gathering of the folks who have worked hard on our causes throughout the year and our friends who want to lift a glass with us.  Leading up to that event, we announce the dignitaries who have RSVPed for that event.  This year that included Congressman-elect Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup, and Commissioners Chris Monzel, Greg Hartmann, and Dave Uible.  And we were proud to announce that Christopher Smitherman was coming as well (not our featured speaker).

Now, COAST is tremendously proud of our affiliation with the Cincinnati NAACP and its President Christopher Smitherman, for as they take leadership on fiscally responsible positions (which they have, repeatedly), we want to be there to support them.  And we are glad to party with our NAACP friends.  This year, five NAACP Board members attended the COAST holiday party.  We hope that those friendships continue. 

But this was a holiday celebration, and nothing else.  A social gathering.  A celebration of the faith of many of our members.  A time to reflect on the events of the past year.  It was not a political event and we did not do very much plotting for initiatives in 2013 at that event (we must admit there was some).

But the attack on Smitherman by Burke and Richardson is both funny and sad.  It is funny because it says a lot about their own insecurity and immature leadership that they would engage in such tactics.  It's sad because the irrational hatred of Cincinnati democrat and union leadership towards Smitherman is precisely because he has spoken out so forcefully about their wasteful initiatives that are bankrupting the City.  It's sad because that irrational hatred emerges in this way at the holiday season.

Still, we wish a merry holiday season for our friends Messrs. Burke and Richardson, and encourage them to chill out in the New Year!

Happy Holidays From Smitherman and the Tea Party!


  1. Actually, it wasn't Mr. Burke. It was me.

  2. Please don’t tell me you’re surprised.


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