Friday, December 14, 2012

Streetcar Bond Offering

As Cincinnati prepares to borrow countless Millions of Dollars to fund the Mallory-Qualls-Quinlivan Streetcar to NoWhere we thought you'd like to read the City's Preliminary Official Statement regarding the Streetcar Bonds.  We note the delicious irony of the acronym for Preliminary Official Statement.

One Question:

Why do they insist on Bankrupting Cincinnati?


  1. Why do you insist on ignoring the will of the majority?

    1. Let me explain how this works COASTers. When the vast overwhelming majority of voters shoots down rail transit as happened with the MetroMoves ballot issue in Hamilton County the will of the majority is to be ignored and we should continue to push for that very thing that the majority of voters soundly rejected.

      When, however, the voters do something we rail nuts approve of, the will of the majority is sacrosanct, and should never be questioned.

    2. Oh yeah, and that's if you accept that the last vote here was an approval of the streetcar. You know, since throughout the entire campaign the streetcar nuts said it was about anything but a streetcar.

  2. Why do you insist on misrepresenting the will of the majority?

  3. COASTies: name a city, any city, anywhere, ever, that has gone bankrupt because it built a streetcar.

  4. Who is misrepresenting the will of the majority?

    You and your small band of bat crap crazy followers like to say "elections have consequences", but then fail to understand that the electorate chooses representatives and their agendas. See Obama, Mallory, 2011 City Council


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