Monday, December 17, 2012

Mallory says there's nothing to see here...

Fresh of the Enquirer story detailing how Mayor Mallory plans to syphon off bus funds for his Streetcar, Mallory now claims he has no intention of using SORTA funds for the Streetcar.

With all do respect, we think we'll go ahead and call nonsense on this one.

We've told you this day would come, that the Streetcar would necessarily bring with it additional taxes, fees and reduced services. Everyday the Mayor and Streetcar Sycophants insist on proving us right.

Despite Mallory's claims, the facts are once SORTA's bank account is opened to Mallory and Qualls, it will be only a matter of time before SORTA is subsidizing the Streetcar.

Mallory might have an ounce of credibility on this had he not told three different stories on what would be done with the proceeds of the Blue Ash Airport.  First it would be used for airports, then it would go to neighborhoods, now it is going to the Streetcar.


  1. Glad we live in the County and its his last term.

  2. The city's been spending transit funds (i.e. SORTA $$$) on the streetcar going back to 2007 and through this year. Request the expense reports for the transit fund.


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