Tuesday, December 11, 2012

COAST attorney Chris Finney featured in Roll Call article on Congressional ethics

As COAST blog readers know, COAST attorney Chris Finney has practiced in the area of prosecuting violations of Congressional ethics, especially pursuing the flagrant violations of Congressman Jean Schmidt that ultimately contributed to the voters' removal of her from Congress.

Here, Roll Call's Amanda Becker, who herself relentlessly covers the Congressional Ethics process, addresses the future of the citizen panel overseeing the Congressional ethics process -- the Office of Congressional Ethics. Some observers have commented that Speaker Boehner's delay in appointing new members of the OCE is a planned back-door attempt to dismantle the citizen-oversight process.

In that article, she concludes with the observations of COAST attorney Chris Finney.  

Finney posits that Office of Congressional Ethics has been an important part of the ethics process.  Finney concludes: "It would be a terrible loss if it were not properly and fully constituted. "

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