Saturday, December 8, 2012

The earth is about to move under our feet

An earthquare of workplace freedom is rumbling to our north, and in the next 72 hours a reform of seismic proportions will be voted upon.

We simply cannot overstate the importance of the vote on Right to Work legislation on Tuesday in Michigan. This is "the big one."

Unless establishment forces in this nation derail in the next 72 hours what appears to be a commitment to a plan by both houses of the legislature, bold, courageous political leaders in Michigan are about to set that state on a path towards liberty that has been without precedent in that state for generations.

The Michigan House and Senate each  voted on favor of Right to Work legislation (one house for public employees, the other for private employees) last week, and after a five-day waiting period, will vote on the bill that passed the other house this coming Tuesday.  The Governor has already publicly committed to sign both bills.

To those watching closely (to watch hour-by-hour, just click on the Detroit Free Press web site), it is obvious that the protests massing in Lansing will dwarf the protests the union goons mustered in Ohio and Wisconsin during their more limited union reform legislative battles.  By Monday night, the evening news will be filled with video of a liberal spasm of epic proportions trying desperately to derail the bills.

They are desperate to stop the bills, because they know that once Michiganders get a taste of workplace freedom, they won't give it up, and the economic consequence of that freedom will forever doom union dominance of Michigan economic life and politics.  In other words, after Tuesday, the gig will be up for big labor money and power in that state.  It will be a slow process of reclaiming that formerly lost-cause state from the grips of union bosses, but the trend thereafter will be continuous and relentless against their power.

So, notwithstanding liberal and democrat wins in November, there remains life in the liberty movement. 

Michigan's legislators and their brave, visionary Governor have rekindled hope in all Americans that we can break the hold of failure, debt, and dependency in this formerly great nation, and that a brighter future lies ahead for our children.

Thank you to Governor Rick Snyder, and thank you to the courageous legislators of Michigan.  You are the biggest rock stars in years!

Please do not shrink before the onslaught of protests and pressure that certainly will rain down on you over the coming three days.  Stay strong.  Stay on course.  Remain committed.


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