Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Tell Them to Stop
As City Manager Milton Dohoney continues his snow job on City Council, COAST has been digging into the details of the Request for Proposals.  Available here.

Even the Enquirer calls the Parking Deal "Misguided."

As we've already noted, under the lease, rates at neighborhood meters would immediately double, all meters would be enforced Seven days a week and a new "Special Event" rate will go into effect.

But wait, there's more.  This deal just keeps getting worse for residents and everyone who works and shops in Cincinnati.

How's this grab you? From the RFP:

"Booting will be allowed"

Not familiar with booting?  Imagine having your car towed without leaving its parking space. Imagine standing next to your disabled car while you wait, and wait, and wait, for the sort of person who would disable cars for a living to come accept your extortionate fee and allow you to continue with your day.

"Concessionaire will have the flexibility 
to install new meters on street, 
in areas not currently metered"

How many times have you parked your car in a free spot and thought, "gee, if only I had to pay an exorbitant rate to park here and had to fear that my car would be disabled if I didn't get back fast enough..." Well, those days will soon end, because Milton Dohoney is going to allow meters to be added to parking spaces not currently metered.

And quite possibly our favorite, just for its sheer hypocrisy:

"The City's living wage ordinance 
will not apply to the Concessionaire's employees"

And just how will Laure Quinlivan, Cecil Thomas and Wendell Young explain their lack of outrage over this part of the deal?  Weren't they howling mad about U Square just a few months ago? Make's you wonder if it isn't just all theater with them!

This deal will only exacerbate the City's problems and funnel even more businesses out of Downtown and Cincinnati's neighborhoods and into the suburbs.  Christmas shoppers won't even think of going Downtown. They will hop in their cars and head straight for Kenwood or Rookwood.

Council votes on the budget Friday at 10 am. Make your voice heard. Let them know that you know that this is a bad deal.
Click on the names or copy and paste email addresses to send an email now.

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