Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crybabies Mallory and Qualls Threatening SORTA

Today Cincinnati City Council voted to transfer transit funds to SORTA for just one month of 2013.

As WVXU reports, this is a direct response to SORTA's refusal to allow transit funds to be used for the Streetcar:
“I believe in this instance it’s probably to express our city’s concern with how the SORTA Board is using the appropriated budget,” Curp said.
We tend to agree with Councilman Charlie Winburn:
“It’s bad leadership today and I normally commend everybody for great leadership. It’s terrible leadership.  It’s not thinking it through.  You’re not being rational.”   

Not reported by WVXU or elsewhere is that the ordinance also provides that none of the money can be used to fund SORTA's lawsuit against Cincinnati. Clearly Qualls and Mallory are playing hardball.
"FURTHER providing that no City funds provided to SORTA may be expended now or in the future by SORTA for the payment of legal fees and related expenses for legal activities taken against the City of Cincinnati, or its officers and/or employees"
Read more here.

People depend on the bus system to get to work, to shop and get to doctor appointments. To threaten these people is completely irresponsible and an outrage.  Qualls and Mallory should be ashamed of themselves!


  1. Their obsession with the streetcar is unreal. They've already abandoned the neighborhoods and Union Terminal to favor the streetcar. Now they're going to sabotage the busses too?

    This is a typical Roxanne Qualls scheme. Remember that Roxy was also the leading voice for the stadium debacle in 1996.

  2. Cincinnati operates by bullying others. Look at how they bullied the weaklings on Blue Ash City Council. Blue Ash voted against their own best interests, against fierce opposition from their own citizens, to help Cincinnati with their streetcar.


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