Friday, December 14, 2012

Chris Seelbach is a funny guy

Politicians surprise us in their stupidity, or perhaps into fooling themselves into how stupid the voters are.  And it's funny to watch them prevaricate to squirm out of a tough spot.

Yesterday the Finance Committee of Cincinnati City Council moved the budget proposal of City Manager Milton Dohoney on to Council for a vote by approving the same, with some not insignificant modifications.  However, the most controversial of the Dohoney proposals, the long-term lease of the right to regulate parking spaces (and collect revenue therefrom) along Cincinnati streets, received approved of a 5-4 approval of the Committee. And Councilman Chris Seelbach was one of the majority approving the budget proposal.

Now, the parking proposal has been widely panned by COAST, the normally silent Enquirer editorial board, the Hyde Park Community Council and the Clifton Town Meeting.  Thus, timid and cowardly Council members are naturally shying from the idea.

Thus, notwithstanding this fairly straightforward parliamentary process to approve the budget that included Seelbach's affirmative vote, Seelbach shortly thereafter tweeted and maintains that he does not support ceding parking sovereignty on public streets to a private company.

Thus, Seelbach wants it both ways.  He voted to "balance" the City's budget on the back of the ill-conceived parking idea, yet he maintains publicly that he oppses the idea.  Huh?

Yeah, Seelbach claims he is against the privitization even though he voted for it.

Chris Seelbach is a funny guy.

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