Thursday, December 20, 2012

COAST Year in Review 2012

Wenstrup Defeats Schmidt

A review of COAST's efforts in 2012 must begin with Brad Wenstrup's historic victory over Jean Schmidt in the Republican Primary. Chris Finney delivered a devastating series of talks detailing Schmidt's ethics problems and Brian Shrive managed Wenstrup's primary campaign like a master.

While "wiser heads" were preparing Wenstrup's political obituary, COASTers went diligently about the business of making Jean Schmidt's political obituary a reality.

Possibly our favorite moment of the campaign was this editorial from the Highland County Press just days before the Primary. Some other highlights from the campaign can be found here, here, here, here and here. Of course to get the full flavor, review our online archives from the Summer of 2011 through through March 2012.

Cornhusker COASTer

To know Bill Kintner is to love him. A great lover of sports and stogies; and a true friend of conservatives. Bill was a key player in the formation of the Blue Chip Young Republicans and a longtime COASTer. 

This year the voters of Nebraska's state legislature District 2 elected him to serve in the State's Unicameral Legislature. We couldn't be more proud of Bill and wish him continued success. 

We miss you here in Cincinnati, but we know you're taking the fight to 'em in the Cornhusker State.

Quinlivan Injunction

COAST's legal team succeeded in their efforts to enjoin Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan from using public resources for political purposes. The case begin in late 2011 and reached final settlement in early 2012. At one point in the case Quinlivan made the laughable argument that she had a First Amendment Right to use public resources for political advocacy. Read about that case here and here.

Streetcar Fight

COAST has been at the forefront in the fight against Cincinnati's wasteful Streetcar Project. This year has been no exception. From fighting against redirecting the proceeds of the Blue Ash Airport Sale and more recently in sounding the alarm against a potential hidden Streetcar Tax in the form of higher utility bills, COAST has been a steadfast foe of this boondoggle. Read more here, here and here.

NAACP Elections

COAST is thrilled that Christopher Smitherman was re-elected to head the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP. The local chapter includes many COASTers who proudly voted Smitherman. We look forward to two more years of Smitherman's Leadership.

Read more here and here.

CPS Lawsuit

In 2002 CPS and COAST agreed that CPS would not allow school resources to be used for political purposes. This year, in leading up to the Presidential election, CPS once again violated that agreement. COAST recently brought a lawsuit for breach of contract. Interestingly enough, CPS hopes to argue that their employees have a First Amendment Right to use public resources for political advocacy. We look forward to watching them make that argument to Judge Martin. It worked so well when Laure Quinlivan made the same argument in front of the same judge!

Read more about the case here and here.

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  1. Brad Wenstrup had no right to run against Jean Schmidt, much less defeat her. You may be laughing at Schmidt now, but we will always honor and respect her for everything she did to raise our taxes, bail out Wall Street, and grow government. She will be back in 2014!


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