Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shocker -- COAST uncovers Federal Jobs Corps use of tax dollars for campaign purposes

In 2010, it was President Obama's PAC, Organizing for America, that was caught red-handed transporting Hughes High School students to the Board of Elections to vote during the school day, and instructing them to vote for the democrat ticket.  Then, the impressionable children were taken for ice cream, in what became known nationwide as the votes-for-ice cream scandal.

This year, COAST has exclusively obtained evidence that the federal program, Jobs  Corps, transported its students to the Hamilton County Board of Elections to vote in the tightly-contested Presidential election.  Int he records production, they admit that democrat Cincinnati City Councilman Cecil Thomas was at Jobs Corps to see the young voters off to the polls, thus showing coordination with democrat activists.  The response to the public records request containing the smoking gun is here and embedded below.

"It is simply wrong to use our tax dollars to subsidize electoral activity," said COAST Chairman Tom Brinkman, Jr.  "But it is even more pernicious when it is obvious that they are coordinating that activity with democrat activists."

COAST in 2010 sued Cincinnati Public Schools over the voters-for-ice cream scandal, in 2011 it successfully sued Council member Laure Quinlivan for using her city staff and equipment for campaign purposes.  This year, COAST again caught Cincinnati Public Schools with their hand in the taxpayer cookie jar for campaign activities and has a pending law suit to remedy the same.

"This latest bombshell is further evidence that our elected officials -- especially the democrat machine -- cannot be trusted with our tax dollars," said Brinkman.  "The citizenry and COAST must be vigilant against these abuses.  COAST will continue to litigate to stop these practices, and calls on prosecutors to ramp up their enforcement of what is essentially theft of public funds to advance a political agenda."

COAST warns elected officials and bureaucrats alike -- if you use taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes, plan on being dragged before a judge by COAST to stop the activity.  It is wrong, and usually illegal. 

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