Monday, December 24, 2012

A gift to the American people

There seems to be universal consensus that the descent into endless debt is dangerous and unacceptable for the nation.  And it certainly is.

Further, mathematically it is impossible to tax our way out of this debt -- certainly not by only taxing the "rich." So, forget the idea of solving this particular problem with additional tax revenue.  It ain't gonna happen.

Yet, even on the edge of the fiscal cliff, no one -- GOP or democrat -- is talking about the real problem, spending generally and entitlement spending specifically.  And more directly, not a single politician appears willing to address Medicare and Social Security that are on a simply mathematically unsustainable trajectory.

So, we ask our elected officials -- President Obama, Senate President Harry Reid, and Speaker John Boehner, and every other Senator and Representative -- give a gift to the American people to at last address the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and fix, once and for all, the debt crisis that grips this nation, before it consumes us completely.

Please cut spending.  Deeply.  Now.

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