Monday, September 30, 2013

Connecting the dots on the Cincinnati Streetcar and voter fraud

Let's connect the dots:
1) The prime contractor for Cincinnati's Streetcar project is Parsons Brinckerhoff.  
2) Coincidentally, they are the same engineering contractor that designed the $40 million Riverfront Transit Center that has -- basically -- never been used.
3) Parsons personnel spring up all over the campaign finance reports of Council members and candidates who support their pet projects.  You may remember when Parsons hosted a meeting in their offices for the Secretary of Transportation and Congressman Steve Driehaus.  It's pay to play for this urban contractor.
4) Well it turns out that they employ one Randy Simes.  Presently, he is on assignment for them in South Korea.  Prior to that, he worked for Parsons in Chicago, the epicenter of pay-to-play in America.
5) Simes is the host and prime author of the UrbanCincy.Com blog, which coincidentally is the top cheerleader for the Streetcar project.  Yes, you fools, for years you have been manipulated by a multinational corporation shilling for the Streetcar using a young urban hipster blogger on its payroll.
6) And now this.  From Chicago, and now South Korea, Randy Simes decided to register to vote in Cincinnati at a friend's address so he could vote for -- Streetcar supporter Roxanne Qualls and the batshit crazy Council majority.
Monday, COAST attorney Curt Hartman, representing the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, is challenging Simes right to vote in the November election.  Read that here.  We encourage you to read the entire Complaint at that site (WCPO.COM).

Perhaps more interesting is the inexorable conclusion that derives from that hearing.  If he is ineligible to vote in November, then when he voted in the September Mayoral Primary election, he would have committed a felony.

This Qualls supporter was willing to risk a felony conviction and prison term to cast his vote for her and for his employer trying to buy yet another election.

This is how the game is played.


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  2. Jesus... You people have just jumped the shark... Next thing you know, you guys are gonna start blaming the Kennedy assassination on Qualls... Seriously, though... Just quit wasting your backer's money and move on... plenty of other losing battles for you Aluminum foil hat wearing T-bags to fight...

  3. Also... You would never let someone post something you disagree with in the Comments... Which means you all are bigger cowards than you are letting on.

  4. You all know that Randy Sims is a Cincinnatian, right? He went to school at UC and maintains a permanent address here. No one loves Cincinnati more than Randy and he started that blog before he worked for Parsons. If Parson's had an office in Cincy, he'd work here too. People living aboard are allowed to vote in American elections, so let it go.


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