Thursday, September 12, 2013

Democrats, unions try to rig election against Pension Reform; Reformers sue over ballot language

You have to hand it to the democrats and labor unions.  They are utterly shameless when it comes to rigging elections on issues that matter to them, to hell with fundamental fairness that is supposed to infuse our electoral system.

Stunned by the speedy success of pension reformers to collect signatures on their pension reform charter amendment and the ascension of the issue to the ballot, they scrambled to press their advantage of incumbency to deny the voters a fair up-or-down vote on the issue.  Instead, they had Council add to the ballot language words ("tax increases" and "cuts in programs") that simply are not in the petition language.

Tim Burke, democrat party chairman and Board of Elections Chairman, dutifully serving the labor unions instead of fulfilling his duties under the Ohio Revised Code, added words to the Charter Amendment that simply are not in there, and rubber-stamped the Council proposal.

The idea is to twist the proposal on the ballot to be unrecognizable as compared to the petition language, so as to maximize the "no" votes on the initiative.  In the words of the attorney for the pension reformers, it is a "hatchet job."

Fortunately, attorneys for the petitioners, including COAST's Chris Finney, filed suit today at the Ohio Supreme Court to place neutral and honest language on the ballot. Read about that here.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the new era of politics in Hamilton County and Ohio, where fair and open elections are no longer the norm, and democrats will rig the system to their advantage if they possibly can.

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