Saturday, September 7, 2013

Is Qualls in serious electoral trouble?

When you are the front-runner, the best approach is to kiss babies, shake hands, be nice, stay above the fray, preserve your resources, and largely ignore your opponent.  However, when your polling starts to slip, if looks like you are in trouble, or even might lose, a common approach is to start to slash and burn at your opponent in hopes of landing a late blow.

Thus, we noted with interest and some glee this week when Roxanne Qualls' first and only pre-primary campaign ad was a harsh negative advertisement against John Cranley, her lead opponent for the Mayor's office.  Although well-executed, it shows signs of desperation on the part of Qualls.

[You may remember when in the 2012 GOP Congressional Primary for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, Jean Schmidt launched commercials in only the last few days of the race.  It was far too little far too late.]

If Qualls' motivation is desperation, that would be a very good thing.  In any event, we will have a preliminary indication of whether the voters have caught onto Qualls on Tuesday.

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