Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Qualls blames everyone but herself for electoral drubbing

It is classic Roxanne Qualls, the ice woman who knows what's best for us.
“I do think complacency is the enemy of every campaign,” she said. “I hope that my volunteers and those that support me will wake up tomorrow and we will get to work and we will win on Nov. 5.”
Read this incredible, condescending, Qualls classic here.

So, in assessing why she lost the Mayoral primary election, Qualls did not blame her drubbing on the votes in the Cincinnati Parking Plot, the Cincinnati Streetcar, or the $4.4 million glass atrium atop City Hall.  She didn't point to the attempted grab for a trash tax, the attempt to sell the Water Works to ourselves, the stab at Red Light cameras.  There was no mea culpa on the $863 million pension debt, or mea culpa on anything.

Rather in one statement she confirmed that it was the voters who were not smart enough to anoint her as Mayor, and her volunteers who did not work hard enough in the Mayoral primary to push her over the top.

Yes, Queen Roxanne did nothing wrong, but it was those foolish voters who could not see the light and those lazy campaign volunteers who just did not pound the pavement hard enough spread the gospel of her tax-and-spend salvation of the City.

We suggest a little humble pie, and an acknowledgement that the voters maybe have some wisdom to offer on public policy.

On second thought, naaah, that would require a concession that she made a mistake somewhere along the way, and we all know that could not be true.  We need to coronate Roxanne in November, and stop raising all those pesky policy questions!

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