Thursday, September 5, 2013

The New Rules of the Game

Conservatives are used to being a punching bag, especially in the past fifteen years. When Hillary Clinton ran for Senate in 2000, her opponents treaded softly to avoid being labeled "sexist." In 2008 and 2012 the debates were like an exercise in eggshell walking as no one wanted to be labeled a racist. Remember even Bill Clinton was tagged a racist for supporting his wife in the campaign against Barrack Obama. 

So it should come as no surprise when politicians of whatever favored group, female, minority, homosexual, cry wolf every time their political opponents disagree with them and challenge their official actions.

We understand just such an attack is coming from German Lopez shortly over our desire to see Chris Seelbach defeated after he stabbed Cincinnatians in the back on the Parking Plot. 

We thoroughly disagree with Seelbach's actions on that and many other votes. 

We don't base our policy disagreements on Seelbach's sexuality, his skin color or his hair color. 

We disagree with his positions on the issues. 

Likewise, we have agreed and disagreed with other politicians who are or are rumored to be homosexual. Neither despite of nor because of their sexuality; but based solely the merits of the policies they supported.

It cheapens our society and it does real damage to people who face real discrimination when such cheap political stunts are pulled.

We really hoped we could expect better from the Councilman and his supporters in the media.  Clearly we were wrong to hold out such hope.

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