Sunday, September 15, 2013

OK, this is hilarious

On Saturday, COAST posted the following tweet blasting Chris Seelbach for supporting the $4.4 million glass atrium atop City Hall, perhaps the single most foolish expenditure by a profligately wasteful, totally batshit crazy Council.

In response, Chris Seelbach and his supporters protested confidently that he consistently voted against the Atrium project.

Since that was contrary to our distinct memory, and COAST insists upon being scrupulously honest in all of its communications, we thought we'd check.  And sure enough, Seelbach voted against the $4.4 million City Hall Atrium. gets better.

He didn't vote for the Atrium, he SPONSORED the wasteful $4.4 million glass atrium atop City Hall.  Yes, he signed the motion that brought the matter to the floor.  See it below with your own eyes.

You might say "he was for it before he was against it."  (Did we ever properly thank John Kerry for adding that to the political lexicon?)  But the boldness of the lies coming from our politicians is amazing.  This is the same fellow who claims to have been opposed to the Parking Plot, yet cast the deciding vote to prevent a referendum vote on the issue.

This is hilarious!

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