Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bad Trash Fee for Small Businesses Starts Oct. 1st

From Christopher Smitherman:

Effective October 1, all Cincinnati businesses will pay a fee to have their trash collected. Cincinnati City Council voted 7-2 in December to stop providing trash collection to small businesses. The two Council members who voted no, were Charlie Winburn and Christopher Smitherman. 
If you live in a township, you don't pay a 2.1% tax; you pay as you go for services, like trash collection. Living in the City, you pay a flat 2.1% tax for services which is supposed to cover trash pick up. The trash fee vote by Council reduced services to small business. For example, a barber/beauty shop will pay a monthly fee to have a private company pick up their trash as well as continue to pay the 2.1% tax. Now that Council has opened the door to this monthly fee, the fee WILL increase year after year. It will not stay at $14.

When driving by barber shops and beauty salons that have yard signs in their businesses supporting Democratic candidates, you must wonder if they know those same candidates are the ones who voted to stop trash services to small businesses and charge a trash fee.

This is another reason why I continue to support John Cranley for Mayor. Roxanne Qualls was 1 of the 7 who voted for the trash fee for small businesses. All of these will be passed on to the costumers.

I strongly encourage you NOT to use a Democratic sample ballot when you vote because you will be voting for candidates who continue to charge you higher fees and raise your taxes, making it more difficult for you to live. My democratic colleagues will spend more time throwing around labels trying to divide and distract you from their voting record.

I am NOT a Democrat; I am NOT a Republican; I AM an Independent. You don't have to vote for 9 candidates for Council. You can vote for 1 and up to 9. Once you vote for more than 5 or 6 candidates, your ballot is not as powerful. Keep this in mind when you enter the ballot box.
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