Thursday, September 5, 2013

Smitherman Speculates on the Contents of the Secret Document...

This morning Christopher Smitherman spoke with Brian Thomas about the Secret Document that City Lawyers are trying to get a Hamilton County Judge to order destroyed.

Smitherman said "I believe" the document exists - Note a City Council Member - the supposed client in the attorney-client relationship that City attorneys claim they are representing - doesn't have personal knowledge of the existence of the document!

Reading between the lines here, we think the attorneys haven't even shown the document to at least one of their clients!

Smitherman goes on to speculate that the document torpedoes the City's claims about what the utility relocation will cost Cincinnati Taxpayers and that the only reason the document is being kept secret is to hide the true cost of the Streetcar from Cincinnati voters until after the election.

Is the City Solicitor's Office being used as an arm of the Roxanne Qualls election Committee?

Cincinnatians need to know! And Before November 5!

Listen to the entire interview below:

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