Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So much for transparency and openness at the Port!

Laura Brunner and the Port Authority 
are the latest players in the drama betraying citizens of Cincinnati 

COAST did a public records request of the Port for Parking Plot e-mails.  

We got some of those yesterday and shared them with the Enquirer today.

In there, Laura Brunner expresses surprise that P.G. Sittenfeld knows about the memo from the City's parking consultant -- the "Walker letter" --  (you know, the one he was paying for!) and asks if the staff can slow roll him in giving him a copy.

It was all punctuated with this incredibly funny comment on the Cincinnati.Com website:
"Can we wait? How does he (Councilman Sittenfeld) know it exists?" Laura Brunner 12:58 P.M. 
"We certainly want to be as transparent as possible." Laura Brunner 4:53 P.M. 
So much for transparency and openness with the taxpayers and council members....at least after you get caught. 
Links to original documents and the short Enquirer story are here.

Again, if you think Laura Brunner and the Port Authority are doing anything other than playing the citizenry for suckers, you are delusional.  There is something decidedly other than your best interests that they are advancing.

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