Wednesday, July 17, 2013

City paid -- so far -- Walker Parking Consultants $315,339 for "flawed" six-month study

On Sunday WCPO Digital reported that the City's own consultant -- Walker Parking Consultants -- blasted the Parking Lease as being entirely too generous to Xerox and stingy to the City, by huge margins.  In other words the report is confirmation that, as Parking Plot opponents have pointed out,  the Lease is a massive 30-year ripoff of the City and ultimately its taxpayers.

On Monday, reactively, Roxanne Qualls and Laura Brunner attacked their own consultants' recommendations, saying it was working from outdated and flawed data.  Suspicious response, for sure, but OK.

Then today, the blockbuster.  Walker Parking Consultants had been working on the report for more than six months and charged the City -- are you sitting down -- $315,339 for the flawed report.  Yes, that report that they disregarded, and that they want us to disregard cost Cincinnati taxpayers a whopping $315,339 -- so far.

It's buried towards the end of this WCPO Digital story.  

Oh wow.

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