Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oops, they did it again! City Manager signs Parking Lease without Council Authorization

In their headlong rush to sign the Parking Plot lease following the Court of Appeals decision in June, the City realized that the lease needed some material revisions before signing.  However, not having the needed votes to approve it in its revised form, the City Solicitor's office just modified the Lease and had the Manager sign it anyway.

That's illegal, as exceeding the authority the City Charter grants to the City Manager, thus giving COASTers Mark Miller and Tom Brinkman, Jr. standing under the Ohio taxpayer statute to sue to void the Lease.

Under that power, COAST's attorneys today prepared and sent to the City Solicitor the demand letter set forth below to start the process allowing us to stop the Parking Plot lease.

Read about it here from WCPO Digital and Kevin Osborne.

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