Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mayoral candidate John Cranley hammers parking lease

Under the Cincinnati Parking lease, the Xerox Corporation will derive hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue over the coming 30 years.  And let us ask a hard question: Just who is going to pay all of those profits for a corporation based in Norwalk, CT?  The Mayor and City Council say the increased revenue will be utterly painless.  We say that those who pay will be the suckers who choose to shop, play and work in the City of Cincinnati, of course.

The Cincinnati Business Courier has a nice piece this week on how Cincinnati motorists will be hammered with stiffer enforcement under the Parking Lease.  Mayoral candidate John Cranley hammers away at the single worst idea to hit Cincinnati ever.  (And it's hard to top the Streetcar boondoggle as a bad idea!)

Read it here.

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