Monday, July 29, 2013

Clumsy, awkward sham Port "Public Hearings" show the fix is definitely in

In a feigned attempt to show involvement of the public in their insider game, the Port Authority today conducted its second "community meeting" to obtain public input on the Parking Plot.  Umm huh.  Consider:

  • Nowhere did the Port announce the public meetings, not by press release and it's not mentioned anywhere on their own web site.  The only way opponents found out about it was through a happenstance mention in a small article in Sunday's Enquirer. 
  • When the, heaven forbid, commoners showed up to testify before the panel about the Parking Plot, they were at first told their testimony was not invited or allowed, relenting only after the citizens insisted.
  • Only one member of the Port Board, Rick Greiwe, actually attended the hearings.  The rest "listening" were Port staffers.   Apparently the other Port Board members are just a tad too important or too busy to listen to some of the 20,000 common men and women who signed a petition demanding a voice in the issue.
  • As the citizens who attended testified, the Port marginalized and minimized their comments ("nothing is final yet" and "trust us").  Yes, they really think you are that stupid.
Read the Enquirer's summary of the hearing here.  It's all very unfortunate.  With the outcome already concluded (they want your money, damn it!), the whole spectacle is a sham.

What a shame.  What a shame.  You are all just pawns in their big money game.

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