Sunday, July 28, 2013

Port Authority to hold "Public Meetings" on Parking Plot

The Port Authority, one of the co-conspirators in the Parking Plot, will be holding two "Public Meetings" to get public input into this disastrous policy.

We use the quotations because we note there was little actual information about these meetings put out to the actual public, save for this Friday afternoon document dump story at the Enquirer.

The first meeting is tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm at the Knox Presbyterian Church in Hyde Park. Directions here.

The second meeting is Thursday night at 6:15 pm at the Port Authority Headquarters.  (Presumably they will let people enter the building.) Directions to the Port HQ here.

Please make every effort to attend at least one of these meetings and let them know that you oppose this latest effort to fleece the people of Cincinnati.

If you can't make the meeting, please call or email the Port's CEO:

Laura Brunner

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