Wednesday, July 24, 2013

City Beat's German Lopez writes an excellent perspective on Parking Plot and the Port

Cincinnati's media is so regularly either asleep at the switch or overtly championing one perspective or another rather than simply and effectively doing their job: reporting the news and holding our public officials.

Thus, imagine our delight at the recent reportage -- yes actual gum shoe reportage -- of the sleazy, underhanded, self-serving, conflicted, incestuous decision-making surrounding the Parking Plot.  All of the sudden WCPO Digital, the Enquirer, WLWT, WKRC, WLW radio, WKRC radio and the Business Courier have shown that their reporters actually have received J-School training and are putting it to use.

It's so much more refreshing than reading the dishonest, slanted press releases from Meg Olberding that our reporters are too damned lazy or stupid to question.

The latest installment on Parking Plot reportage, with a nice timeline of Mayor Mallory's deception at the end, is here.  Even though many facets of this story have already been uncovered by many Cincinnati media outlets, City Beat reporter German Lopez does an admirable job of providing a more comprehensive perspective than previously has been provided.

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