Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cut funding for the Port Authority -- entirely!

In the Cincinnati Parking lease, it takes two to tango.

The parking lease is between the City of Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati Port Authority.  Despite a majority of Council claiming to oppose the lease, the City has signed it.  The Port Authority has signed it, but kept a 75 day clause to terminate, apparently for any reason.

The Port Board is appointed equally by the City of Cincinnati and the Hamilton County Commissioners and they received $750,000 per year from each.

Following the rich tradition of the prevailing powers in this community, the Port will go along to get along in this pernicious plot.  Indeed, the Port has more motivation than just "getting along," they want an income stream to fund their operations indefinitely.

And if they chose to do that, the more rational Hamilton County Commission should cut their funding.  They should do so for two reasons: they no longer need the money, and they have participated in the most public back-stabbing since Brutus assassinated Caesar on the Ides of March two millennia ago.

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