Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zwissler takes on pork in Wyoming

It's not just the City of Cincinnati that seems to delight in crony capitalism, picking the winners and losers in the "free market," forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab, but also our supposedly more conservative suburban brethren.

In the Village of Wyoming, the town fathers are planning on subsidizing a local bistro to the tune of $713,000.

This is Wyoming's own version of Solyndra.  Why the hell is the Wyoming City Council in the business of subsidizing a restaurant? It's not like this residents of this affluent community can't afford their own brie and Chardonnay.

Read it in the Enquirer here.

Council member Vicki Zwissler is taking the lead in opposing the spending.

However, if the Village persists in this wasteful expenditure, local taxpayers will take comfort in knowing that “the design is intended to be light, open and airy, and feel as if it’s an extension of the park,” according to Community Development Director Terry Vanderman.

COAST says: Zwissler has this one right.

And COAST intends to name names when the final vote is taken.


  1. The city is giving away a plot of land valued at $443,000. Then they're giving a $270,000 subsidy on top of that. And all they needed to do for this money is promise to create 25 jobs.

    That's 25 restaurant jobs. $713,000 of taxpayer money to create 25 restaurant jobs. Is there a shortage of restaurants in Hamilton County?

    This is a truly atrocious deal for Wyoming taxpayers. I guess Vicky Zwissler decided to get one right after her equally atrocious decision to campaign for the corrupt Mean Jean Schmidt in last month's primary.

  2. Vicky must want to spend the money on the taxpayer-funded pool she spearheaded so her kids can have more comfy taxpayer-funded summer jobs.


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