Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greg Hartmann nixes County "Arts" tax

It's nice when our principled elected officials do our work for us!

The Enquirer has it here.

Greg Hartmann not only has placed the kibosh on the idea of the County levying a new cultural tax benefiting the likes of Music Hall, Memorial Hall, the Zoo and Museum Center, he has asked that the County administration cease all assistance to the project.

“The focus of the county in these tough times must specifically be on our core functions and managing out budget,” Hartmann wrote.
Chris Monzel concurred.  Mr. Portune, ever the tax and spender, wanted the initiative to proceed.

That's some good news today!


  1. Mark Miller is a deadbeat who has yet to pay his debts. He put his house in his wife's name to avoid having it foreclosed on. He needs all the tax relief he can get, not like he'd pay them anyways. People who have jobs pay taxes and Mark Miller is an unemployed plumber who calls himself an engineer.

    When Forward Conservative gets a free hand from stroking off Miller, he'll delete this.

  2. Christian Sigman, it's not your job to tramp around town with private entities pushing for massive tax increases. Your ass ought to be fired for wasting taxpayer time on this. It's sad that Todd Portune is too in love with higher taxes to see this.


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