Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kevin DeWine out..major Taftie eliminated

The intrigue at the Ohio Republican Party has reached a climax, with the resignation of Kevin DeWine as Chairman last night.  The Dispatch has it here.

We do not want to minimize this accomplishment as DeWine and his co-conspirator to undermine conservative values, John Husted, are a pox on the GOP in Ohio.  Typical of the moderate Republican who poses as a conservative, DeWine and his posse on the GOP Central Committee campaigned as having "Tea Party Values," but having no idea what that actually means.

While serving as a state legislator, DeWine was a slavish vote for the Bob Taft, high-tax agenda.    As Party Chairman, he made a conscious decision to exclude Tea Party reformers from the ranks of GOP leadership, thus alienating this important and energized constituency.

So, before the squabble starts over the next Chairman, we want to take a breather to thank Governor Kasich for ridding Ohio of Kevin DeWine and the corrupting influence he has had upon Ohio and the GOP.  

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