Sunday, April 8, 2012

Love us or hate us, COAST serves increasingly important role

COAST has its many supporters, as members or those who will heed our calls to action, and advice on direction.  We also have a few detractors.  We accept that and occassionally appreciate their imput.

But as traditional media diminish in size and sophistication and increasingly show a reluctance to take on government waste, fraud and corruption, COAST is serving an ever more important role as "watchdog" of your tax dollars.

Using public records requests, the power of e-media, COAST's massive e-mail list, and good research and writing, we have uncovered scandal after scandal, story after story that traditional media have missed.

COAST, for example, covered the Wenstrup/Schmidt contest and the Schmidt ethics scandal blow by blow.  Other than a few stories and blog entries by the Enquirer, and a great piece by Jack Atherton at WLWT, the race was basically ignored by both the traditional media and the blogosphere.

With the latest round of layoffs at the Enquirer, including their most seasoned political reporter, the role COAST plays in calling our errant politicians and bureaucrats is more important than ever.

Stay tuned for more breaking news and hard-hitting perspectives, from an irreverent and punishing perspective, that only COAST can bring you.

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