Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How it really works: Judge saves Court reporters so he can have sex with them

It's sort of hard to understand why it's so hard to replace human stenographers and stenography machines that were invented in the 1860s with cheaper, faster and more accurate audio and video recording devices that have roven their effectiveness...

until that is you read this story

A Court reporter in Butler County has sued a Common Pleas Court Judge claiming that he reassigned her from his courtroom when his wife learned of their affair.

Then read this:
She said Sage had a habit of boasting about “how his friends and various attorneys accused him of sleeping with half of the court reporters,” because he had taken measures to protect their jobs in 2003 when other judges were talking about terminating the county’s court-reporting program.
Now, perhaps, you see what COAST, and the taxpayers, are up against when they try to ferret out waste, fraud and corruption in government.

Once again, in Hamilton and Butler Counties: replace the Court Reporters with more efficient, more reliable, cheaper recording devices, and do it now!

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