Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Schmidt did post-election poll

This is kind of weird, but Jean Schmidt paid $5,700 for a poll with TelOpinion Research on March 16, ten days after her crushing defeat at the polls.

(The funny thing is, one of our COASTer's got the poll, and the poll mistakenly identified Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wentrup as "Ben Wenstrup," so we are not sure how reliable their data is going to be.)

Why would she do this?  Preparing for another run?  To do a proper post-mortem?  Or was this payment for a pre-election poll, just after the election?

You can read it here.

As if this could get any more ridiculous, the homepage for TelOpinion Research hasn't been updated since November, 2009!  In which they brag about their "intensive involvement with Presidential candidate John McCain last year."

Check out their homepage here.

Gee, do you think maybe somebody on Jean's staff should have noticed that before paying for a poll that misidentified her opponent? But based on how up to date their website is, we're surprised the poll didn't ask voters if they were going to vote for Jean or Debbi Alsfelder!

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