Friday, April 20, 2012

Taxes, taxes, taxes on their way

We have been warning our faithful readers for sometime that the chickens are coming home to roost.

You can only eat three Big Macs a day so long before your arteries clog.  You can only drink a fifth of gin a day so long before you get cirrhosis of the liver.  And you can spend and take on debt for so long before either your national economy collapses or you have to raise taxes.

We are reaching that point.
  • Now, yesterday's Enquirer is reporting that someone is pushing for a property tax increase in the City of Cincinnati, this being, of course, the first of Mayor Mallory's tax increases for his Streetcar.  (Apparently that urban foreclosure rate is not high enough for them yet.)
  • Here, we told you of SORTA's proposed tax increase for their trolley deficit.
  • And on Tuesday, a COASTer got a phone poll asking about a number of topics, including about a tax for the Cincinnati Museum Center (that's been shot down several times already, guys).
The presidential campaign election in November, for which the DNC, and other leftie organizations will be working their turn-out machines on overdrive, generating a loads of new voters who don't pay taxes, and thus have no problems voting for them.

We also know the City is working on a massive earnings tax increase proposal, it's just a matter of time before CPS takes another stab, the "arts" tax won't go away, and the stadium fund problem is far from resolved.  And in his State of the City address, which everyone ignored and promptly forgot, Mayor Mallory is already shilling for an expanded Streetcar system, and a light rail system as well.  (That has a $2-3 billion price tag, for anyone paying attention).

(Of course, we could have passed S.B. 5 and the Streetcar ban and avoided all of this!)

So, hold on to your wallets.  They are coming for more.

And COAST is there to stop them every single time!

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  1. "You can only eat three Big Macs a day so long......"

    THREE Big Macs? My obese wife Tabitha Hochscheid and I got that before our 2nd breakfast!



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