Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Calling all COASTers: Help Tea Party take out Dick Lugar in Indiana May 8

Senate candidate Richard Mourdock aims to be the Tea Party's first major upset on May 8 in the Republican primary election to unseat 6-term Senator Dick Lugar who, very simply has been around way too long.

COAST is calling on its members to call any Hoosiers they know before the May 8 primary election and remind them how pivotal they can be in effectuating change in the U.S. Senate by voting for Richard Mourdock.

Lugar was a "yes" vote for TARP, was a "yes" vote for Stimulus, was a "yes" vote for the auto bailouts and was a "yes" vote for cap and trade.  He voted to continue pork barrell earmarks, when the rest of the Congress was banning them.  We have a name for Senators like that: "Democrat."

This Senator is part of the ossified, old GOP.  It's time for him to go for many, many reasons.

Fortunately, Hoosiers have a conservative choice in Richard Mourdock.  Read Club for Growth's synopsis of the race here.

And get motivated -- tell your Indiana friends and co-workers, to vote on May 8 in the Republican primary and vote Mourdock!   

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