Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why America will survive Obama

There are a multitude of commentators, all of them conservatives, who have explored the topic of "American exceptionalism." And in some ways it sounds nationalistic, even myopic and conceited to suggest that somehow Americans are better than citizens of other nations in that we are somehow innately superior to other human beings.  But that mis-characterization of the concept should not dissuade us from exploring, promoting and enjoying the things that made America great and continue to distinguish us from the rest of the world.

And it is those things that will enable America to survive four years -- even eight years -- of President Obama.

America is a center-right nation, meaning we value free enterprise, the rule of law, and political freedom.  And it is those three values, together, that make America what it is. 

On the economic front, we are not Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, or heaven forbid, Greece.  This is best illustrated by protestors in America demanding limited government and lower taxes (the most recent example is here), a phenomenon that is unique in all the world.

The rule of law is important.  Except for Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C., Americans have limited tolerance for corruption.  With notable exceptions, our courts apply the law fairly, if not strictly.  We have a healthy contempt for the power of government, and constraints on its reach under the U.S. and state constitutions (this is critical to our success) .  By and large, the citizenry respects the rule of law and adheres to it independent of enforcement. 

And we cherish our political freedoms, starting with the First Amendment into largely (except in Chicago) free and fair elections.

The concern is that we are undermining these important values, slowly, over time.

And that is true.  From the wealthiest to the poorest, we have become accustomed to nanny government, from TARP, to Stimulus, to auto bailouts, to ObamaCare, the role of government in our economic livess is growing exponentially.  But, the GOP despite all of its failings, is slowly moving to the right, and we hope to in short order re-claim some of this territory for the free market again.

On the issue of rule of law, the point our leaders seem to miss in the immigration debate is that by allowing a system of illegal conduct to persist, and grow, we are developing a culture where disrespect for the law is tolerated.  This is far more pernicious to our nation than the presence of immigrants themselves and must stop.  The law must be drawn to be enforceable, and then be enforced consistently and fairly. 

And we will always have scoundrels like Virginia Rhodes at Cincinnati Public Schools who want to push the envelope of free and fair elections (with the votes-for-ice cream scandal) to becoming fixed and unfair, but we have the tools to force compliance at each stage.  We must vigorously use these tools.

So, COAST remains optimistic that we can survive President Obama, we can survive liberal Congresses, we can survive a back-stabbing GOP establishment.  We can survive and endure, but the price of liberty is, indeed, eternal vigilance, and the unending sacrifice of every liberty-minded citizen in America.

Together, we can keep America great, and make her even greater.

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