Thursday, July 5, 2012

Even with budget success, Governor Kasich is still tightening the belt

Today's Marietta Times discusses the budgetary successes of Governor Kasich and the GOP legislature and, more importantly, where they intend to take things from here.

Further, today's PD has a feature on the importance of the State's rainy day fund under the new tax on the state of Ohio from ObamaCare.

Finally, Governor Kasich's team has released this video telling us just how they pulled it off.

Ohio has a very long way to go.  Indeed, COAST posits that until we join Indiana as a Right-to-Work state (a workplace freedom state), we will not be "made right" and not be competitive in the world economy.  Thus, we have high hopes for the lame duck session of the legislature recently scheduled.  There is very much work yet to do.
Still, its impressive how far we have come from the dark days of Governors Taft and Strickland.

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