Friday, July 27, 2012

"The scary part is that half the Country is still supportive of this guy!"

This morning, COAST was greeted with an e-mail from a very successful businessman who shared that perspective with us.

He was referring to this headline from the Wall Street Journal: "The president has taken a hatchet to welfare reform, the immigration laws, and 'No Child Left Behind."

But it could just have well referred to the GDP numbers released by the Commerce Department this morning.

The point is: Hope and change aren't working.  The kind of change President Obama pushes is from a anti-capitalist, "you didn't build that" mentality that affirmatively supresses investment and entrepreneurship that grew the American economic engine that is the marvel of the world, and all of history.

We must get rid not of just President Obama, but the entire mentality of GOPers and democrats that businessmen and wage earners are cows to be milked for their social programs, cronies and pet projects. 

November is coming.

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